Inaugural Festivities Inspired by Cupcake by Design?

Posted by: on January 23, 2013

I admit to getting caught up in the pomp and circumstance of the recent Inaugural activities. What started as mild curiosity over the people and the fashion soon became a full-blown case of de ja vu.  What was it about the celebrations that seemed so … familiar?

Was it merely because this is round number two for the First Family?  It had to be more than the fact that Michelle Obama chose the same dress designer for her second inaugural ball. The music, the pageantry, that dress … I had an overwhelming feeling of having seen ruby red velvet, elegant bouquets, and beaming people somewhere before. Then it hit me.

Cupcake by Design in Grand Rapids.

We’ve been setting the stage for next month’s Valentine’s Day celebrations by mixing up heavenly batches of Chocolate Divine and Red Velvet cupcakes. We’ve been making room in our delivery van for a “motorcade” of Raspberry Delight and Red Hot Mama valentines day cakes, as well as delightful Valentines Love cookie bouquets featuring red, pink & white roses.  We’re ready to dazzle the paparazzi – or at least sweethearts across West Michigan – with miles of smiles and valentines goodness.

Headlines about the Inaugural Ball read “trendsetting”and “sophisticated.”  Seems we’ve had that going on all along at Cupcake by Design. (And, just like the First Lady, we have excellent taste.)

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